Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu is a martial art of striking while moving. It is a combative art with precise theoretical and technical qualities. The fighting theory and usage, outward appearance, and internal development methods all originate from and accord with a classic of ancient Chinese philosophy known as the Book of Changes. It is this philosophy which gives us the rules of the circle and square. In Yin Stlye Bagua, we turn round and strike square. In accord with the symbolism and meaning of the eight trigrams in the Book of Changes, Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu has eight distinct systems within the art. Each of these systems, represented by a trigram and particular animal, stands on its own as a complete martial art with unique developmental and fighting methods.

Yin Style Bagua emphasizes developing the mind and body together - it is equal parts mental and physical. Training this art will make you stronger, healthier, and a more skilled fighter.

He Jinbao

He Jinbao / Xie PeiqiYin Style Bagua Kung Fu

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