Standing Strengthening Training allows the practitioner of Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu to develop muscular strength, improved organ function and circulation of blood and vital energy through isometric tension, deep breathing, and twisting of the body. The standing isometric exercises are designed to strengthen the body by forcing different muscles to dynamically work against each other while holding the body still. This traditional method of training is a fundamental ingredient that is used to grow ones inherent qi, physical strength and flexibility.

Strike Training involves the repeated training of individual strikes or strike combinations. Through this practice, the practitioner aims to develop harmony of hand, foot, breath and intention. Through this harmony, power will ultimately be manifest. Of critical importance is the development of a structure which is rooted, fast, powerful and loose. Power must arise from the whole body and not just the arms. This is truly a cornerstone in the development of fighting skill and power in Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu.

Circle Turning Training is absolutely integral to Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu. Simply put, it is the thread that binds all of the other practice methods together. Philosophically, it provides a "round" counterbalance to the "square" of striking whilst simultaneously developing both the strength and health of the body. This practice is also critical to effective fighting application in that the power generated by the moving, twisting and turning of your body is also used to simultaneously remove the opponents force. The greater the skill you develop in Circle Walking, the greater your chances of realizing Bagua's physical and martial value. It comprises walking in a circle holding a static posture and then using a simple routine or strike to periodically change direction.

Forms Training provides the student with the space to explore changes in technique which can be combined with various body movements and stepping patterns. Forms are typically composed of a sequence of 7 strikes that are executed whilst walking the circle. Practising the strikes whilst walking in a circle improves both coordination and rooting. In addition, the practitioner begins to develop the ability to quickly change their direction and line of attack relative to an opponent. Study of the practical fighting applications of these strikes is typically used as a laboratory for understanding Yins Style Bagua's fighting strategies.

Application Training in Yin Style Bagua Kung Fu is used to support and reinforce usage concepts that are integral to all of the training methods. Putting the techniques into practice aids in strengthening the mind-body connection that is vital to proper training. It also serves as a crucial framework for testing the practitioner's footwork, body movement, intent and accuracy of technique.

Weapons Training in Yin style Bagua Kung Fu are unique in that they are considered an extension of Bagua's empty hand techniques. The two most commonly trained weapons in Yin style Bagua Kung Fu are the Dadao (large sabre) and the Jian (straight sword). These two weapons are used to grow strength and co-ordination as well as to practise the use of one's intent to direct the weapon around the body.